The only thing I need for Chanukah

I know that some years back, tartanshell came up with the very cool idea of posting your Chrismukwanzaakah wish list on your LJ and your friends, if possible, could fulfill your wishes. You're supposed to put the list behind an LJ-cut, but I only want one thing so I'm not going to bother.

All I want is for anyone that has a spare dollar, or five dollars, or ten or whatever, to send it to the Homeless Animal Adoption League of Bloomfield, New Jersey. Their mailing address is HAAL, 56 Dodd St., Bloomfield NJ 07003-4618. It's a cats-only shelter that does a lot of really good work, and this year they're especially stressed because so many cats have been dumped there.

Happy holidays to all, whether you have two feet or four.
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On vacation, I vacate

I've been on vacation this week and doing absolutely nothing. It's so awesome, but I can feel myself getting depressed and squirrelly so it's time to go back to work on Monday. Highlights of the week:

1. Staying home for Thanksgiving. Me, Mr. Cedar, turkey breast, and his amazing mashed potatoes. No travel, no stress. Except for when Henry ate more than his fair share of the plain turkey we gave the kids and barfed on the living room floor. He had the decency to do that while we were out seeing Quantum of Solace which...what WAS that??

2. Not reading. Well, I read one book, but I have to review it so it's sort of required. Going to finish the other review books I owe over the weekend.

2a. Also, um, not reading LiveJournal or Bloglines or my work email. I had such ambition for this week, and then I spent most of it recovering from a sinus infection when I wasn't cleaning.

3. My apartment shines like the Chrysler Building. Soooo clean, and I'm decluttering, too.

4. Twitter told me that the DVD of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog is available for preorder on Amazon. It comes out December 19. W00t!

5. Not braving the mall crowds today. I love me a good Black Friday deal like everyone else, but I also spent a good amount of money fixing the Westermobile this week so alas, no shopping.

Tonight is leftover turkey, reading, a bath, and the Numb3rs repeat. All in all, a nice end to a nice week of vacation.
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More a delicate flower than a workhorse

I haven't updated in a while, but yesterday was also my eleventh straight day of working, so I had a few other things to think about.

Thanks to the sysadmin, I'm sitting at home with the office plague. Fever, sore throat, etc. Thanks to lauriegilbert, I also have real Sudafed, so I'm getting through.

1. The YALSA YA Lit Symposium was lots of fun. Saw old friends, met new ones, learned a lot. In a time when I think I'm an old fart for becoming a librarian because I love books and connecting readers and books, it was nice to see six hundred people who care about reading as much as I do.

2. In November and December, I am producing more fanfic than I have the rest of the year. w00t!

3. Still loving Supernatural. I think this is the best season of the four so far. Kripke seems to be going balls-out with plot and character development. I think what the show is doing especially well this season is pacing and layering the plots while still providing viewers with the laughs and thrills they're used to. I can see how they're building to several big explosions, both between Sam-Dean-Ruby-Lilith and just Sam and Dean, regarding family and secrets.

3a. A few weeks ago, I was flipping channels and ended up watching the second half of Saw II on Sci-Fi. While I watched, I kept thinking to myself, "That girl with the long brown hair looks so familiar. Where have I seen her before?" Drove me absolutely nuts until I IMDBed the movie and found out she was in an episode of SPN ("Heart," for those who are paying attention.) Fail on my actress recognition but +1 for my research skills.

3b. I'm also loving Numb3rs. I've had a theory for some time that Don was going to explore his religion more, and finally, I had a theory that's correct! I also like the little bits of strife we see between Charlie and Amita. It's not that I necessarily want them to break up, but it's nice to see that their relationship isn't the mushy perfection we saw in S4.

Weekend plans include sitting on my couch and reading Nation by Terry Pratchett. And finishing some fic. Mr. Cedar is traveling this week, so I guess I'll have to figure out what to cook, too.

(All work and no play makes my blog entries dull. Sorry.)
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Today's episode of "Well, duh!" brought to you by CBS

In the Entertainment Weekly Popwatch blog: Why "The Ex List" was doomed. The comments suggest that the show failed for reasons from the annoying lead to the bad time slot. That last suggestion was close, but I know the real reason.

It's not just the time slot, it's THAT time slot. It's cursed. The Friday 9-10 p.m. Eastern time slot on CBS is the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor of television. In the past few years it's been through at least five shows: Moonlight, Robbery Homicide Division, Close to Home, The Ex List, and that Price is Right big prize game, though I'm not sure that was meant to be anything long-term. For CBS, it's not Friday night all around, it's just that time slot. The shows on either side of it, Ghost Whisperer and Numb3rs, are fairly successful, all things considered. Given the success of those two shows (Numb3rs was a midseason replacement that's now in its fifth year), I can only conclude that if you're on a show in CBS's 9-10 p.m. Friday time slot, you'd better be polishing your resume. See, even Wikipedia agrees with me! Sort of.

(Seriously, I'm joking about the time slot being hexed, but I don't have a better explanation.)