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Weekend update

1. Went house shopping with Mr. Cedar. Now, in my traditional closet goth style I have wanted ever since I was a little kid to live in an old, creaky, maybe-slightly-run-down Victorian.

Hey, real estate salesman, when I said slightly that does not mean "needs $100,000 worth of repairs."

Honestly, who did this dude think he was fooling? The information sheet that he had the gall to distribute said, among other things, "4- bedroom Victorian in mint condition."

Sure, it was in mint condition IN 1922.

This house was in a very nice area, but not so nice so that Mr. Cedar and I would be taxed out of our home. There was off-street parking, grocery stores nearby, and it was not near a school (being within 6 blocks of a school is a dealbreaker for me). We walked into the house and saw beautiful woodwork, huge bathrooms with claw-foot tubs, and a lovely sunny room in the spire that would make a great Cedar Room. (We've already decided that we want at least three bedrooms, so we can have a bedroom, Mr. Cedar Room, and a Cedar Room.) We also saw broken bannisters, exposed electrical wires which the realtor swore would be fixed, carpets that reeked of smoke, and an old oil furnace. I walked down the steps to the basement, which was a complete disaster area with boxes and paint cans and just crap everywhere, and said, "Oh, they've flooded at least once down here." Realtor was all, "Well, I don't know about that, I don't think there's been flooding..." I smiled at him and said, "It reeks of mildew. They've flooded here, and probably recently."

The owners are asking $375,000 for the house, which is about average for the area for houses that don't need $100K worth of repairs, but no way would we ever pay more than $200K.

Still, the lure of the creepy Victorian is unmoving.

2. Spent all weekend feeling sick to my stomach, and still feel that way. Add that to the weird muscle aches and joint pains I've been getting at night for months, and I am not amused.

3. I read The Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy and Goth Girl by Barry Lyga, and thoroughly enjoyed it. It's like what Nailed by Patrick Jones was supposed to be, with the whole evolution-of-outcast-artsy-boy-through-artsy-girl, but it's better. Fanboy is an aspiring comic book artist and mostly school outcast, and Goth Girl Kyra is the one who snaps pictures of him being mauled in gym class by evil jock Mitchell Frampton. They become friends through a series of truly weird IMs and emails, and Fanboy falls for Kyra even though he knows he shouldn't. Their on-again, off-again friendship both inspires and frustrates Fanboy, who is working long nights on his graphic novel in order to present it to his idol, Brian Michael Bendis, at a comic-con. Much love. Much with the Neil Gaiman fangirl, much with the evolution of a young man in high school that doesn't feel forced at all.

4. Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Dorian rules my world. Beaver Moon does, too, but that smells close enough to Midway so that I won't lament too much when it's gone. (I have spares of Midway because I am just that smart.)

5. The World Series of Pop Culture on WH1 is So Much Fun to watch. And I feel really good when I can answer questions that the experts miss.

6. Am feeling generally unhappy recently. Don't know why.

6a. Sometimes I think about closing the iBook and not finishing any of my fics and unsubscribing from everything and saying, "Yeah, Harry Potter, nice book," and go on with things, but I'm not. At least, not right now. It's not a want of being a professional writer, because I certainly don't want to be one of those. But more a, "maybe it's time to live in a realer world" thing. Dunno.

Am at friends skip=570 and still not caught up. Oy.

Edit: New icon. I designed it and mollymoon made it. Squee.
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