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Saving the world daily through information

Sweet Valley spirit!

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I like that show where they solve all the murd3rs
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You gain strength, courage, and confidence by each experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face...You must do the thing you think you cannot do.

-Eleanor Roosevelt

I am here to live out loud.

- Emile Zola

My candle burns at both ends; It will not last the night;
But, ah, my foes, and, oh, my friends - it gives a lovely light.

-Edna St. Vincent Millay

Some people embrace life. I kick its ass.


Why I've friended you: I know you IRL, via YA lit stuff, or through the Harry Potter fandom.

Why you've friended me: You like what I have to say. Or maybe we know each other in other-than-internet capacities.

Why I haven't friended you back: Because I only check my friend-of list once or twice a year (I hate doing it and I don't have notifications turned on, nor do I plan to turn them on) and have no idea that you've friended me. It's just not something I think about. If you friend me, introduce yourself. I can't guarantee that I will friend everyone back, because I'm not always long on time to read my flist, but I do like to meet everyone.

What I think about friending/defriending: In life, our friends change. We meet new people, grow apart from others. The internet's not that different.

In case of emergency: I have not made a private post with my contact information. LiveJournal's powers that be do not have permission to look for a first private post, because it doesn't exist. Mr. Cedar is under orders to contact mollymoon in case of emergency. Molly has my LJ and email passwords and permission to use them. Which might get me in trouble someday.

  • Randomly I am a(n): Slytherclaw. Intellectual freedom advocate. Bibliophile. Shoephile. Native Midwesterner. Childfree. Aquarius. Dragon. ESTJ. Collector of snowglobes and plastic souvenir pens. Makeup junkie. One of those plagiarist fanfic writers with no life. YA lit fanatic. Almost everything I aspire to be.

  • Colophon: Sweet Valley banner courtesy of dettiot. All opinions are my own; my employers and professional organizations don't want them. Names have been changed to protect the guilty. Topics of discussion include but are not limited to books, the online Harry Potter fandom, libraries, library science, shopping, the fact that I am owned by the world's cutest kittens, sinus headaches, life in New Jersey, and pop culture. Please note that the interest Chicago on my list refers to the city in Illinois, not the movie, which I have never seen, and the interest Rob Thomas refers to the YA author and head writer of Veronica Mars, not the singer. Not that I have anything against the singer. He's just not the Rob Thomas I'm interested in.

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